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kotor, November 28th, 2011, 6:24 am

- You're very lucky this comic even got made - I've spent the weekend on The Old Republic beta test.

From my post on the Spoonsabers Facebook group wall:

The fun part of being on the beta was that all the cool names were still available. I made Nephi the Jedi Guardian (Nephi was a famous Mormon prophet), Cuddles the enormous bounty hunter, Candy the Sith Warrior and Runt the Jedi Consolar. I got furthest with Runt, and his combat was the most fun, followed by Candy. Candy was by far the most entertaining for dialogue, as I'm sure you can imagine a pretty little posh British voice spouting insults and being mean. Runt sounds a bit too wise, but I'll take what I can get.

It's been fun playing and asking myself What Would Runt Do? Like pointing to a Trandoshan and yelling "It's a big giant lizard man!" I caught two Padawand having an affair and was giventhe choice whether or not to expose them...but after warning them of the consequences, I figured Runt couldn't really lecture anyone on not falling in love, so when I've got full access to the game Runt's going to go tell the padawans' masters that nothing's going on. Plus he'll get a sweet lightsaber crystal for it!

Grinding is rough. Most missions involve killing a set number of things, ala WoW. I've not really interacted with anyone else at all, nor do I really care to unless they're Spoonsabers. I forgot to check which server I created Candy and Bubbles on, which is unfortunate - it'd be best if the guild could he formed on that server. I think it was a US West Coast one...

It basically feels like Kotor+. It's really fun. The maps are bigger, there's more to do, the action's fairly streamlined so there's no pauses. It's fabulous - definitely of all the two new games I've played this year, TOR wins my vote for best of show.

The problem now is just a) can I afford the time to play it fully, and b) is my girlfriend going to think I'm a total dweeb for playing Star Wars WoW?

The answer to a) is probably no. The answer to b) is definitely yes.

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